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Pens, Globes, C-Car


ü      Focused light surrounding the writing area and a translucent label barrel which allows the brilliant light to shine through a logo.

ü      Classic Silver matte finish with a comfortable translucent silicone grip.

ü      “Double-click” push-action saves battery life

ü      Every pen comes in its own case, which makes it perfect for gift giving.

ü offers several different pen logos, holiday themes, historical landmarks, and even some college & university logos.

ü      Display cases are also available.

ü      Custom logo options available – minimum order only 5,000 units.

Great for Cars, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Dorms

- Download Pen Products Sheet -



The amazing C-Car keychain directs you to your car without electronics or batteries.

Easy to use - before leaving your car point the C-Car in the direction of your destination and align the image of the car.

To return - rotate the C-Car to align the Car image and walk in the direction of the arrow.

Price: $4.95 + Tax, S&H

Buy 5 for: $16.95 + Tax, S&H
Buy 24 for: $75.00 + Tax, S&H

Buy 30 for $93.00 + Tax, S&H

Buy 96 for $279.00 + Tax, S&H

Great for Cars, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Shopping





    Revolutionary Sphere that Floats in the Air!

Classic Cherry wood base with Pen


   Buy One now for 33.95 + Tax, S&H






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